Royal Enfield (Royal Enfield) has 5 new trademarks for its upcoming models

Royal Enfield has registered various nameplates for their upcoming models (including Shotgun, Hunter, Sherpa, Flying Flea, and Roadster). For now, there is no official information on which new product will use what name. We’ve already seen the testing of the upcoming new Royal Enfield bikes, including two new 350cc bikes, a 650cc cruiser, and a new generation Classic350. Let’s take a look at each new brand, but remember, this is guesswork for now. Official information will be revealed in the near future.

ROYAL ENFIELD HUNTER: RE Hunter may be the next RE Meteor 350 based 350cc motorcycle. It will share a platform and some design elements with other donors. However, the test found that the bike will have a shorter exhaust system and a different design. Black suspension treatment, engine box, handlebars, 17-inch front, and rear wheels, and upward-sweep exhaust can enhance its sporty appearance. RE Hunter can be equipped with Meteor’s new 349cc air-cooled engine, which can provide 202bhp of torque and 27Nm of torque.

ROYAL ENFIELD SHERPA: Previous reports indicated that this Chennai-based bicycle manufacturer is developing a new model aimed at young buyers and cyclists. This will be a reasonably priced, lightweight bike with a low seat height. Your final production version may be labeled with the RE Sherpa name. It should be noted that the Sherpa is a lightweight RE bike from the 60s and 70s, fitted with a 173cc engine.

ROYAL ENFIELD SHOTGUN: This Chennai-based bike maker will reportedly be using the Shotgun nameplate for the upcoming 650cc cruiser. The new model can share its engine with the RE Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650, which is a 47bhp 649cc twin engine. However, its wheelbase may be longer than that of the 650cc twin. Spy photos show that the RE Shotgun features removable seats, wider handles, wider rear fenders, round taillights, turn signals, and dual-pipe exhaust systems. The suspension and braking mechanism can be similar to that of the 650cc twin.

ROYAL ENFIELD FLYING FLEA: As of now, there is no information on the RE Flying Flea nameplate. However, the name comes from the brand’s origins in the United Kingdom during World War II. The bicycle was designed for the British War Office and was used to transmit signals and messages between air forces and assault forces that we’re unable to conduct radio communications.

ROADSTER ROYAL ENFIELD: There are rumors that the Roadster may be Royal Enfield’s largest displacement bike to challenge Harley-Davidson and Triumph. It may be a new RE Concept KX based engine platform launched at EICMA.

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