Researchers have found a way to improve the battery life of smartphones


Researchers from Japan’s Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have found a way to significantly extend battery life. For anyone with a smartphone, this can solve the recurring problem: Since the battery will degrade over time, even if the phone works well in other areas, its lifespan will automatically be shortened. 

Scientists say the main responsibility lies in the design of lithium-ion batteries because these batteries will degrade over time to power these next-generation smartphones. The Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) is studying ways to make these batteries have higher capacity. Researchers led by Professor Noriyoshi Matsumi have published their latest findings in the journal ACS Applied Energy Materials, which reports EurekaAlert. 

They said that the widely used-negative terminal graphite anode in batteries requires a binder to hold the minerals together, but the currently used polyvinylidene fluoride binder has several disadvantages that reduce its use as an ideal binding material. They are now studying a new type of adhesive made from bis imino-hydroquinone-p-phenylene (BP) copolymer, which they believe can solve the problem of running out of juice in smartphones. 

They say their research can have a profound impact because more reliable backup systems can encourage consumers to invest more in expensive assets like electric vehicles, rather than polluting alternatives. After 500 charge-discharge cycles, half the original capacity of the half cell using BP copolymer as a binder showed a capacity retention rate of 95% after 1700 such cycles. 

He also said that the durable batteries will help people who depend on artificial organs other than the general population that relies heavily on smartphones, tablets, and laptops to carry out this research. Study subjects include Professor Tatsuo Kaneko, Lead Professor Rajashekar Badam, and Ph.D. student Agman. Gupta and former postdoctoral researcher. Aniruddha Nag.

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