OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei won’t be releasing the number one TWS in-ear headphones in June

Nothing Company

The new investment from OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei was not revealed today, and it will launch its first product in June. It will be called Ear 1 and, as the name implies, the product will be nothing more than the company’s first wireless stereo (TWS) headphones, which are for the Apple AirPods line, Samsung Galaxy Buds, and OnePlus’s Buds. 

Carl Pei and his team (including resources from smartphone company Essential and industrial design company Teen Engineering) have been developing Ear 1 earplugs for some time. Nothing co-founder and CEO Carl Pei blogged that Nothing Ear 1 has not developed a new concept since its launch in October last year, which is also promoted. 

It will combine “transparency, iconic form, and refined function” to offer unique products. A trailer suggesting the design of the Ear 1 TWS earplugs has also been released online. “We don’t want to sit around and argue about the name. 

The entrepreneur who didn’t launch a new OnePlus smartphone until last year and attracted a lot of eyes also said that Ear 1 is just the beginning, which implies the introduction of other products along the way. of the time. 

Category plan. Pei initially chose to work with headphones, and the decision at the time was “We like music, podcasts, and audiobooks.” 

There are no specific details about the Ear 1 headphones, however, the company released a preview in March Transparent design on film recommended This may be due to its association with Stockholm-based company “Junior Engineering”.

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