Let me fly to the Supermoon: Qantas will take passengers on a scenic flight on May 26


Qantas has a limited number of flights and will provide the best view of the rare supermoon this month, as well as the total lunar eclipse on May 26. However, if you want to take this flight, we are out of luck, the tickets have been sold and even the waiting list has been closed. 

This is a panoramic flight of a supermoon that takes off from Sydney, Australia, and stays in the southern sky for two and a half hours. Those planes on the B787 Dreamliner will provide “cosmic cocktails” and “super moon cakes.” This will be the second and last super month of 2021. 

The economy class fare for flights for the super month will be A $ 499 (approximately Rs 28,300), while the business class fare will be AU $ 1,499 (approximately Rs 85,000). According to the Qantas website, in addition to cocktails and pastries in first-class, those taking Dreamliner flights will also enjoy onboard commentary from expert Commonwealth Scientific. 

And astronomer Vanessa Moss from the Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO). Passengers will also receive exclusive merchandise, gift bags, and commemorative certificates. After taking off from Sydney, the flight will soar above the clouds over the Pacific Ocean with no light pollution. 

It will sail at an altitude of 40,000 feet (12,192 meters) and “see the rise of the supermoon later, which also happens to be a total lunar eclipse, which is very unusual double behavior.” NASA noted that on May 26, in a few hours, “the moon will pass through the earth’s shadow, making it darker and generally red.” 

The space agency added that red is the result of sunlight filtering into Earth’s atmosphere “every day.” that occurred on the ground at that time after the coronavirus pandemic, Qantas has asked passengers to postpone their travel plans if they “feel unwell and develop COVID-19 symptoms a week before the flight.” 

Additionally, Qantas has taken a number of steps to ensure a safe environment onboard. During the entire flight, all passengers and crew must wear masks.

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