Intel seeks to provide 8 billion euros in subsidies for European chipmakers

This is the first time that Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has publicly declared how much state aid he wants.

Last Friday, Intel’s CEO stated that Intel expects to receive 8 billion euros (9.7 billion US dollars, or about 71,249 crore rupees) in public subsidies for the establishment of semiconductor factories in Europe, as the region seeks to supply the shortage. 

Reduce dependence on imports Pat Gelsinger (Pat Gelsinger) publicly proposed for the first time how much domestic aid it wants, as Intel seeks billions of dollars in incentives to compete with Asian competitors in the field of contract manufacturing. And European governments will make us more competitive in Asia than in Asia. Kissinger said in an interview with the European outlet Politico Europe. Politico quoted Kissinger as saying it was seeking around 8 billion euros in subsidies. 

The company later distanced itself from the report, saying it did not give specific figures. It made clear that EU leaders must invest to ensure a prosperous semiconductor industry. Commissioner Thierry Breton was in Brussels on Friday. This visit is Intel’s plan to start a plan, and Intel’s plans for the United States have invested 20 thousand million dollars (approximately Rs 1,48,191 crore) in chip production. Breton will double the region’s global chip production in the next ten years to reach a goal of 20%. 

Breton was earlier on Friday At that time, we maintained Talks with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is ahead of the world’s largest chipmaker Samsun g and Intel of South Korea. Breton said in a separate tweet that he and Intel Kissinger The meeting was an “in-depth discussion”, while the video call with TSMC Europe President Maria Merced was a “very good exchange.” 

Breton said: “To meet the current and future needs of the semiconductor industry, Europe will adopt Increasing Production Capacity by itself or through selected partnerships to ensure the security of supply. TSMC said the meeting with Breton showed its commitment to the region. The company said: “We want to support our clients as fully as possible, which means that we are always willing to work with them and the government wherever we are.” 

Communication with regulatory agencies. “The committee said that Bretagne will hold more talks in May. Fourth are the CEOs of two Dutch semiconductor companies: ASML, a leading manufacturer of semiconductor lithography tools, and NXP, a chipmaker. Supply chain disruption has increased The urgency to reduce dependence on imports, but analysts have warned that Europe’s shrinking technology base means that, according to industry and diplomats, Intel is the only one among the three major chipmakers so far. 

Brittany targets companies that express specific interests. Breton’s efforts to attract major foreign chipmakers have upset local businesses, and he’s also discussing the idea of ​​establishing a European semiconductor alliance. Infineon said on Friday: “We welcome Breton’s initiative to increase European chip production.” As financial resources are naturally limited, it is very important to discuss the most pressing needs and the most reasonable investment methods, ”said Infineon.

During his trip to Germany, Geisinger met with Finance Minister Peter Altmeier and Bavarian Governor Markus Soeder and told them that Germany would become a suitable location for a potential European smelter. 

You want to enter the European continent, “he said in response to the second interview with the German business daily Handelsblatt:” We believe that Germany is our best candidate, not only the only one but also a good one. The candidates strengthen our manufacturing capabilities, “he said, who also showed interest in the three Benelux countries. 

In Germany, Kissinger also met with executives from the automaker BMW and the telecommunications operator Deutsche Telekom. The source said that although none of the parties confirmed, but also visited Volkswagen headquarters Geisinger will travel to Israel next week, where Intel will announce a $ 200 million investment in a new chip development park and will employ 1,000 employees.

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