If you try to download a movie illegally, Elon Musk’s Starlink will send you a warning

Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s SpaceX satellite internet service, Starlink, will send you a notice if you use it to illegally download copyrighted material. Subscribers who want to know if the company has a policy on user behavior deliberately use Torrent on their Starlink connection and finally received a notice from the company. 

The subscriber posted a screenshot of the notification received from Starlink on Reddit and wrote that he intends to use the service to see what happens. The user, known as Substrate 97, said: “Intentionally torrent without a VPN to see what happens and receive notifications.” 

In a notice posted by the user on Reddit, the Starlink team urged the user and others to avoid using their services to download copyrighted material without a license. The notice read: “Downloading copyrighted material without permission may cause your connection to be suspended or terminated, and expose you to the risk of legal action by the content owner.” 

Realists joked in the comments: “They should suggest VPN in this email. My provider did. Neocactus commented that it is as if a teacher sees a child cheating on an exam, like “Come on brother, you are better than this”. “Another user seems to want to test the company’s patience further. Someone needs to find out how many copyrights notices until they cancel their Internet access,” wrote funny_b0t. 

However, user Kariered warned everyone not to try using Substrate-97. I have a friend of a friend who had trouble doing this and had to file a lawsuit. “At the same time, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said Tuesday that his company has received more than 500,000 bookings for Starlink satellite Internet services and does not expect any technical problems to meet demand.” 

The limitation is the high density of users. in the urban area, “Musk tweeted in response to a CNBC reporter’s post. SpaceX has charged a deposit of $ 99 (about Rs 7,300) for this service. Date, but will not provide commercial services in 2020 as planned.

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