Google I / O 2021: The new operating system Were presented at the Annual Conference

Google scoffed at the I / O 2021 conference later Tuesday, announcing the launch of a “new Wear version.” This may be a reference to the new version of Wear OS, the company’s operating system for wearable devices (including smartwatches). 

Wear OS has recently received new products, including an updated Gboard app, which supports multiple languages. There are also rumors that it will become part of Samsung’s next-generation smartwatch. 

At the same time, Google seems to improve the functionality of Wear OS by adding a number of new features to Apple’s watchOS. 9to5Google initially reported that Google has proposed changes to Wear OS through its updated version of Android I / O and Google Play. 

New treatment suggestions. website. It said: “Come explore the latest Android 12 Beta, the Jetpack Compose update, the new Wear version, etc.!” The instructions on the website definitely hinted at the updated Wear OS. However, it is unclear whether Google is recommending a new interface-level update or changes to the components that make up the portable platform. 

However, the ultimate goal is to adopt watchOS available on the Apple Watch series. In March, Google introduced an alpha version of the Jetpack Tiles library to allow third parties to create custom Tiles for Wear OS. This may be part of the update announcement. Similarly, Google can provide detailed information on Android 11 for Wear OS announced last year. 

A fix for the “Hey Google” detection can also be part of the updated operating system. In other words, Google’s official Wear OS account on Twitter has invited people to watch the Google I / O 2021 keynote address at 10 AM Pacific Standard Time (Tuesday 10:30 PM US Standard Time). To learn about new Wear OS features. 

Recently, there have been reports that Google is building its Pixel Watch, some of which appeared on the internet last month. The updated Wear OS can be specifically designed to provide a unique experience with proprietary hardware later this year. 

However, the Pixel Watch itself may not be part of the I / O announcement, as there are rumors that it will be released in October. See 4. There are also rumors that the South Korean company uses its custom One UI on Wear OS to provide a few different inventory experiences.

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