Google I / O 2021: Google Photos will get locked folder, improve memory features, new cinematic photos

Google Photos
 Google Photos

Google Photos introduces an update that will bring a locked folder and improved memory capabilities. The update was announced at the Google I / O event on May 18. The search giant will allow users to hide their photos and videos through password-protected folders in Google Photos. 

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Additionally, users can customize how they want to view their memory. Google gallery will also identify three or more images with similar shapes or colors and highlight them in the “memory” tab. The update is expected to be released soon. On May 18, a Google blog post detailed the Google Photos update. Google introduced a locked folder that allows users to save photos and videos separately. 

With Locked Folder in @googlephotos, you can add photos to a passcode protected space and they won’t show up as you scroll through Photos or other apps on your phone. Locked Folder is launching first on Google Pixel, and more Android devices throughout the year. #GoogleIO

— Google (@Google) May 18, 2021

These media can now be stored in password-protected folders and will not show up when users scroll through Google Photos or any other image library on their smartphones. This feature will initially be available on Pixel smartphones and will roll out to other Android smartphones throughout the year. Pixel users can also store media in locked folders directly from the camera app. 

Google Photos can also identify three or more images or videos that share similar shapes or colors, and organize them for your memories. Users can now also view memories of events they celebrated, such as Diwali, Lunar New Year, or Hanukkah. Users will be able to view these memories while browsing the gallery, as well as new “Memories of the Month” and “Trip Highlights” released to users starting May 18. 

Another notable feature of this update is the ability to control which memories users want to revisit. By using Google Photos, users can make the controls easier to find and navigate, so that photos of certain people or specific periods of time can be hidden. 

Users can now also rename or completely remove trip highlights, remove individual photos from their memories, remove the best memories of the month, and rename and delete memories based on when the user celebrates. , Google introduced cinematic photos, which can help create a 3D-like effect for certain images stored in Google Photos. 

It uses machine learning to predict image depth, generate a 3D representation of the scene, and animate it with a virtual camera for a smooth translation effect. Now, Google Photos will use computational photography technology to create more realistic 3D effects for photos. Google can also use machine learning to create movie photos by scanning old photo albums.

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