Google I / O 2021: Chrome integrates duplex technology to detect and repair corrupted passwords

Change password
Change password

The Google I / O 2021 keynote speech introduced the new Chrome browser update. This includes improvements to its built-in password manager. Now the browser will be able to use Google’s Duplex technology to quickly and safely detect vulnerabilities and correct all leaked passwords. 

The Google Chrome browser will allow you to change your password with one click and automatically change the leaked password. Also, the Google Chrome new tab page will now show the shopping carts you left on various sites on the web. Google is using Duplex on the web to provide these new enhancements to Chrome’s password manager. The technology was introduced in 2019 to power the Google Assistant and allow you to complete tasks on the web, such as buying movie tickets. 

By integrating this new technology into Chrome, users can now change their passwords with a single click. On some websites, Google may check passwords regularly and if it finds a stolen password, a new “change password” button will be displayed. Clicking this button will activate the website password change process. 

Duplex technology has been expanded to help users quickly create strong passwords for certain websites and applications when the Chrome browser determines that their credentials have been leaked online. “You can control the entire experience and choose to start over or manually change the password at any point during the process. 

Even if the site is not supported, Chrome’s password manager can always help you create strong and unique passwords for multiple accounts. “Google said on its blog. Android, to sync password users. Initially, these changes were implemented in the United States and will be rolled out to more websites and countries in the coming months. 

In addition, Chrome also expects to Enhance to buy in the browser helping users to track shopping carts on supported sites. Users typically log out of the site by adding items to the shopping cart but close the tab before finalizing the purchase. 

These sites with Shopping carts will now display in the “Chrome New Tab” to help users purchase items the next time they visit Chrome. Google said it uses the browsing history stored on the device to support this feature. Google said it also “worked with retailers to show customer loyalty as early as possible to help them make decisions.”

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