Google has added a new button to save images directly from Gmail to Google Photos

Photo Credit: Google

Gmail now allows users to use the new “Save to Photos” button to save sent photos as attachments directly to Google Photos. However, this new feature currently only supports images sent in JPEG format, and there is no information about when this new feature will support other formats. 

This is Google’s useful addition to Gmail, especially because they deleted the synchronization between Google Photos and Google Drive in 2019. Gmail users used to be able to save any attachment directly to their Google Drive, instead of saving photos. video. Google introduced this new feature through its Workspace blog. 

As mentioned above, the new Google feature allows Gmail users to use the new “Save to Photos” button to save photo attachments directly to Google Photos. This button coexists with the “Add to Drive” button in the attachment or during preview. Until 2019, Google Drive and Google Photos were synchronized to work together, but the search giant changed it for “easyness.” 

This new feature reduces the need for users to download JPEG images and manually back them up to Google Photos. However, it is still necessary to manually upload media in other image and video formats to Google Photos to organize the album or back up to the cloud. The blog wrote: “By default, this feature is on. For eligible photos, you can choose the Save to Photos button next to options similar to those added to Drive.” 

Google also provides information on how to Details of uploading files and folders to Google Drive. The “Quick release” and “Scheduled release” fields will be used to gradually complete the “Save to Photo” function. From May 26, users in the previous domain will start receiving updates, and users in the last domain will start receiving updates a week later. 

Google said that it may take up to 15 days for the feature to appear to all Gmail users. In addition, this feature will be available to all Workspace users as well as basic and commercial G Suite users. Personal Google account users will also get the new “Save to Photos” feature.

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