Google CEO introduce hybrid approach to work from home options permanently


Google CEO Sundar Pichai detailed a new “hybrid” work model for employees. As the pandemic forced companies to work remotely, Google became one of many great organizations, recognizing that working remotely can be just as effective as going to the office. Pichai emphasized that “the future of work is flexibility.” On Wednesday, he introduced a series of changes to Google’s work culture. 

These changes will allow 60% of employees to work together in the office “a few days a week”, and 20% of them can work together in the office. Pichai, an office worker, wrote an email to the employees and then shared it with them as a blog post to inform them of the new changes. 

He said Google will enforce a new mixed workweek, in which employees will spend about three days in the office and two days where they are best. “Since time in the office will be focused on collaboration, product areas and roles will help determine which teams will meet in the office. 

Due to the nature of the work, some roles may need to remain in place during more than three days. a week, “he says. Employees can also choose to work elsewhere or completely remotely and adjust their compensation accordingly based on the decisions they make. 

These options must be approved by your team leader. Additionally, employees will be allocated four weeks of time per year to temporarily work from locations other than the central office, with the goal of making everyone more flexible during summer trips and vacations. Pichai will also reschedule working days during the 2021 pandemic to help employees rejuvenate. 

Pichai announced that the next world holiday will be on May 28. In the first quarter, Google’s parent company Alphabet saved $ 268 million (approximately Rs 19.8 billion) in expenses. Income from company promotions, travel and entertainment, and “primarily from COVID-19” compared to the same period last year. 

On an annual basis, this will exceed the US $ 1 billion (about Rs 74 billion). Since March 2020, most of Google’s employees have been working remotely, thus compensating for some employee assignments, such as massage tables, food and beverage, and company retreats.

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