Google Assistant sings vaccine songs to encourage you to get COVID-19

Google Assistant proposed an interesting song to encourage everyone to take the COVID-19 vaccine. The importance of this topic cannot be denied, but it can be said that the voice of AI is, at best, interesting. However, there is nothing wrong with hearing a song that celebrates the arrival of the vaccine and describes it as safe. 

The song also praised the scientists and praised their efforts to ensure the development and handling of vaccines as “superheroes.” To listen to this song, simply ask Google Assistant to “sing” the vaccine song on your mobile phone or smart device. “Depending on your device settings, the Google Assistant will sing in either a male or a female voice. 

You can listen to songs posted by user Scott Scrivens on YouTube here. Although the lyrics are not flashy, they may encourage anxious people to find a job. The song also praised frontline scientists and workers. On Twitter, people shared some little video clips that they could listen to vaccine songs sung by the Google Assistant on their mobile devices.

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