German regulators prohibit Facebook from processing the personal data of WhatsApp users

Facebook and Whatsapp

Germany’s main data protection watchdog of Facebook said on Tuesday that the social network prohibits the processing of personal data of WhatsApp users because the agency believes the new terms of use for the messaging app are illegal. After WhatsApp asked users to accept new terms or stop using the service, it was in the city-state of Hamburg last month. 

“The order is designed to guarantee the rights and freedoms of millions of users who agree to its terms of use. Germany,” said Johannes Caspar, data protection officer in Hamburg. “My goal is to prevent the downsides and harm caused by these black box programs. The Hamburg data protection author stated that the action will be announced before the May 15 deadline to accept the new WhatsApp terms. 

Because it is critical to the purpose and effect of the update Therefore, there is no legal basis for the misunderstanding. “Because the Hamburg DPA claim is incorrect, the request will not affect the continuous update. A WhatsApp spokesperson stated that we will continue to work to provide secure private communications for all. 

Regulatory action opened a new front for Germany’s privacy policy, and its national antitrust regulator launched a legal battle over data practices. Since 2018, online privacy has been subject to the EU rule book called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Under GDPR, Ireland is responsible for monitoring Facebook because the European headquarters of the company is there. Caspar stated that he is imposing a three-month freeze on WhatsApp user data collected by Facebook in accordance with the unconventional permissions stipulated by the GDPR. 

He said he will also seek EU-wide rulings on the European Data Protection Board, which brings together the regulatory agencies of the 27 EU member states.

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