Facebook launched a COVID-19 vaccine search tool for India


American tech giant Facebook has cooperated with the Indian government to launch a vaccine search tool on its Indian mobile app that will help people identify nearby places to get vaccinated. Rs 7.4 billion) grants for an emergency response to the COVID-19 situation in the country. 

The vaccine tracking tool will allow users to find the location of the nearest vaccine center and its hours of operation shared by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW). The tracking tool will also add and display accessible options (45 years and the link above) and the link to register and schedule a vaccination appointment on the Cowin portal. 

Facebook said in a post on its platform: “In cooperation with the Indian government, Facebook will begin to roll out its Vaccine Search Tool on Facebook’s mobile app in India. 

It is available in 17 languages ​​to help people identify places of nearby vaccination “. US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF): Implementation of announced funds to help build AP machines for critical medical supplies using more than 5,000 oxygen concentrators and other life-saving equipment (such as ventilators, BiP). 

According to Mashable, Facebook also stated that the COVID-19 Food and Information Center will also provide information on how to seek emergency care and how to treat mild COVID-19 symptoms at home, which will be provided by UNICEF India.

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