Battlegrounds Mobile India teased the Sanhok map, and the release date remains a mystery

battleground mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India teased the popular Sanhok map through a poster on its official Facebook page. The game is the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, and its name was recently revealed by publisher Krafton. Battlegrounds Mobile India has yet to release date, but the developer said it will be released soon. 

The game is expected to be very similar to the original PUBG Mobile, but with some India-specific changes. Krafton also announced that it will establish an esports ecosystem and introduce gaming content on a regular basis. The official BattlegroundsMobile India Facebook account shared a poster that appears to be of the location of Sanhok’s Ban Tai map – Sanhok is one of the 4×4 maps on this map. -play. 

Sanhok was added to PUBG Mobile in September 2018 and is now available on Battlegrounds Mobile India. Compared to the original Erangel and Miramar maps, this is a relatively small map, but larger than the last map Livia added to the game. The poster did not reveal any further details about the game and its release date remains a mystery. 

The game will be pre-registered before being released to the general public. The developer recently shared the latest “Battlegrounds Mobile India” privacy policy, which requires players under the age of 18 to agree. These players must provide the phone number of their parents or guardians in order to play. 

The policy states that if a parent or guardian believes that their child provided personal information without their consent, they can contact the developer and request that the information is removed from the system. PUBG Mobile launched in India in September 2020 along with 117 other Banned Apps. 

Since then, Krafton has been working hard to bring the game back to India. A few months later, PUBG Mobile India was mocked as the Indian version of the game and marked the return of PUBG Mobile to the country. However, this was unsuccessful, and now, finally, Krafton announced Battlegrounds Mobile India, and its launch looks more promising.

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