Apple is about to launch Hi-Fi streaming support for Apple Music, new AirPods: Report


According to a new report, Apple Music will soon receive a piece of high-fidelity music streaming layer, which will include support for Dolby Atmos, Dolby Audio, and “lossless” audio. The report said that the new Apple Music update will debut in iOS 14.6, and the version is currently in beta testing. 

Another report indicated that Apple Music HiFi support will be announced in “the next few weeks” alongside third-generation AirPods. There is speculation that new news may be released at WWDC 2021 scheduled to take place in June. A report from 9to5Mac indicated that Apple is working on launching a hi-fi program for Apple Music. 

With the release of iOS, the program can introduce subscriptions. hands. 14.6. The post stated that it had found the new code added to the Apple Music app in the first version of iOS 14.6, which specifically mentioned “Dolby Atmos,” “Dolby Audio,” and “lossless.” Until now, Apple does not support Dolby technology and only supports its internal HiFi audio codec ALAC. 

HiFi files have less audio compression, so they can generate better sound quality. Spotify recently announced that it will also enter high-quality audio streaming through Spotify HiFi. Presumably, Spotify will price the Spotify HiFi plan above your current subscription price. 

The music website Hits Daily Double cited sources saying that Apple will launch support for high-fidelity streaming for Apple Music and third-generation AirPods in the coming weeks. But this is contrary to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s statement that the new AirPods may be released in Q3 2021. 

The report also claims that Apple can provide high-fidelity audio streaming support on Apple Music without increasing its fee. subscription (starting at $ 9.99 per month) for individual tiers in the US and Rs. India is 99.

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