Apple epic trial: The judge investigated the impact of the App Store crash during the closing debate

Apple`s concealment of this information in a way that does not directly reflect the consumer seems to be contrary to the competition, Federal Judge Said.

Apple Epic

Federal Judge Yvonne González Rogers held the unconventional closing arguments on Monday at the antitrust judgment between the epic games and the apple, splashing on both sides. Lawyers for three hours about how far he could, and should, go to change Apple Apple application manufacturers`App and regulators around the world are watching the trial and González Rogers has hinted a strong question to apple that can Be receptive to some of the creators of the Fortnite Games creators, who must bite their control over the App Store and hurts the developers. 

Federal Week. He said that the gains of the Apple Store of the Game Creators seemed “disproportionate”, but on Monday it questioned EPIC about whether there was a way to approach their concerns without forcing Apple to open the stores of rival applications since EPIC has proposed. It would be a change of sweeping and “courts do not run business,” she said. She also pointed out the unexpected gain that a change would mean for EPIC, whose own efforts to start a competitive payment application store were discussed during the trial. 

“Be clear. Epic is here because if it is awarded relief, it will be a multi-trillion dollar company to a company of several trillion dollars. But it is not doing it out of the kindness of your heart,” she said. The lawyer of La Tetra. Gary Born Bornstein stays trapped in the EPIC application has done since the request was presented. Case last year: Force Apple to open the iPhone to compete for the application stores and the bar requiring the developers to use their payment system in the application. 

Gonzalez Rogers said that under the changes proposed by the EPIC, the company is likely to pay Apple. Nothing, a fact that she “worried” through the trial. Executive Director of the epic Tim Sweeney, who has promoted the company’s legal strategy and attended all the trials, is “attacking the fundamental way that Apple is generating income,” said González Rogers. 

“There is a reasonable argument that (Apple is) using these profits to benefit the entire ecosystem.” Sometimes, González Rogers questioned other topics, such as Apple ruler scan developers when using the email addresses collected from iPhone users to the commercialization forms to avoid the Apple application. “Apple’s hiding place of that information in a way that is not reflected directly, the consumer seems to be anti-competitive,” he said. Throughout the day, Apple’s lawyers argue that Epic’s sweep. 

The requests would make Apple as well as the Android system, essentially decreasing the choice of the consumer. “Apple wants to keep its differentiated product,” said Apple’s lawyer Veronica Moye. Anyone who wants third-party application stores “is free to go out and buy an Android device. 

The relief requested here is to force Apple to take a product in competition to the market.” To make the decision of him, the judge will have to pass through 4,500 pages of testimony, a process he said could take months.

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