After removing illegal content, Russia partially ended Twitter punitive slowdown


After Russia removed most of the content that Moscow deemed illegal, it suspended Twitter on Monday over a punitive slowdown but warned other US internet platforms to comply with local regulations or face similar sanctions. 

Twitter failed to remove banned content quickly enough and threatened to block it entirely, as part of Moscow’s broader effort to strengthen its grip on the internet. However, on Monday, the regulator said it no longer plans to block the service, and this slowdown will welcome a Twitter spokesperson’s decision not to block its service. 

The spokesperson said: “We are still committed to providing secure services to account holders around the world (including account holders in Russia).” Talk to Roskomnadzor. Roskomnadzor said that it has determined that other internet platforms (including Alphabet’s Facebook and YouTube) have access to Roskomnadzor. 

In a statement, Roskomnadzor said: “If these platforms do not take appropriate action, they may face similar penalties. Facebook and YouTube did not do so immediately. Respond to comment. Request. Roskomnadzor set May 15 as the deadline. 

Twitter removed its prohibited content and expressed the hope that US social media platforms would remove posts containing child pornography, information on drug use, or calling for the suicide of minors. Platform used to promote illegal behavior. 

Roskomnadzor said that Since March, Twitter has removed 91% of banned content and currently has 563 items accessible, while the total has dropped from almost 6,000 to a minimum. He said Twitter should remove all banned items. content. Articles, and remove illegal posts. within 24 hours in accordance with the requirements of Russian law in the future to remove all restrictions actions.

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