WhatsApp Pink app that can steal user data and gain access to your phone

WhatsApp Pink is around as a malicious app that could steal your data once installed and allow hackers to gain access to your phone. A message has been sent to some users that contain a link and intend to bring the existing WhatsApp experience to pink and bring new features.

However, instead of making changes to the original WhatsApp installation, the link takes you to a page with an option to download the malicious WhatsApp Pink app on your phone. In particular, the application is not related to WhatsApp or Facebook.

Cybersecurity researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia posted a tweet to report the circulation of WhatsApp Pink. It also provided a couple of screenshots showing how the malicious app mimics the WhatsApp interface to attack users. 

Once installed, the fake WhatsApp application starts circulating a message containing the link to download it. The hacker’s goal appears to be collecting user data from as many users as possible.

He added saying that WhatsApp Pink had been largely targeted by the police and the media. Initially, a link to download the application was sent to police officers in Delhi and Rajasthan. Rajaharia was informed about WhatsApp Pink by Delhi Police Inspector Data Ram Yadav, who saw her message circulating in one of the police groups on WhatsApp. 

The actors who circulate the message on WhatsApp Pink seem to have used different links. However, users are advised not to open any of these links which are believed to bring a new look or functionality to WhatsApp. Anyone can receive an unusual, unusual, or suspicious message on any service, including email, and anytime this happens, we strongly advise everyone to be careful before responding or participating.

On WhatsApp in particular, we also recommend that people use the tools we provide within the application to send us a report, report a contact, or block the contact. This is not the first time a fake version of WhatsApp has been circulating. In the past, users have been attacked by a WhatsApp Gold variant also created by some hackers to maliciously obtain user data.

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