WhatsApp displays large media previews and expands hidden messages settings for iPhone users

WhatsApp users on iOS have started to receive the new update, which brings two important changes. This update improves the display of sent media, so you can see larger video and image previews. Also, WhatsApp used to allow administrators to only control “Missed Messages”, but now with this update, all group participants can change the “Missed Messages” setting by default. 

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In addition to missing messages, WhatsApp also tested the ability to insert missing photos on Android and iOS platforms. The instant messaging application has released a new update on the App Store. The new version 2.21.71 of WhatsApp for iOS brings two new changes for all iOS users in the stable version of the application. 

The first change makes it easy for users to view photos and videos without having to open them. The photo and video preview will be much larger than the small square preview currently displayed. Additionally, WhatsApp iOS version 2.21.71 has expanded the ability to change “missing messages” settings by default. 

This setting is now enabled for all group participants (not just administrators). However, based on the changelog in the App Store, administrators can “continue to monitor” the feature by changing the “Edit group information” setting. This update will be released through the App Store and all users should be able to update soon. This appears to be rolling out in phases, so you may not receive the update right away. 

WhatsApp introduced “Missed Messages” on a platform based on KaiOS devices based on Android, iOS, and Linux in November last year. For Indian users, this is life too. For those unknown messages, once the “disappearing messages” are enabled, the text messages sent in individual or group chats will disappear after 7 days. Until message disappearance is enabled, this setting will not affect messages that you previously sent or received in chat.

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