The Delhi High Court rejected Facebook and WhatsApp rejected the CCI privacy policy inquiry request.

The Delhi High Court rejected requests from social media platforms Facebook and WhatsApp on Thursday, challenged the order from Indian competition regulator CCI, and requested an investigation into WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. The Competition Commission of India (CCI) awaits the results of the complaint of the Supreme Court and the HC of Delhi against the new privacy policy of WhatsApp; otherwise, the regulator’s order will not be “unusual” or “desired jurisdiction.” 

The court said that Facebook and WhatsApp petition has no reason to prevent CCI’s investigation. CCI believes that it has not reviewed the alleged violations of personal privacy that the Supreme Court is investigating. He argued in court that WhatsApp’s new privacy policy will lead to excessive data collection and “targeted ads.” 

Consumers were tracked to attract more users, for which they were accused of abusing it, arguing that “It was not a jurisdictional error,” and they added that WhatsApp and Facebook’s request to challenge their decision was “incompetent and misunderstood.” Order of March 24. 

The ICC also told the court that only after an investigation can it be determined whether the collection and sharing of WhatsApp data with Facebook constitute anti-competitive practices or abuse of domain. , the type of device used, their Internet service provider, and the data they talk to) will lead to the creation of customer profiles and preferences, which will be monetized through targeted advertising methods in the following ways, all of which constitute ” Tracing”. 

Social media platforms argued that when the Delhi High Court and High Court were studying privacy policies, then CCI should not “jump the gun” and intervene on this issue. They also said that CCI’s decision abused the collective jurisdiction of the committee. 

They claim that in In this case, CCI has a “floating distance” from the competition and is investigating privacy issues that the High Court and High Court of Delhi are already studying. In January, only CCI decided to study WhatsApp’s new privacy. Politics. The basis of the news reports is the same.

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