The company’s head of privacy said the impact of Apple’s ad tracking changes will affect app developers

Apple’s head of user privacy told Reuters that the impact of Apple’s new privacy control measures on digital ad tracking may largely depend on how app developers implement new pop-up notifications. 

Developers can use pop-up notifications to request permission to collect data that can be used to track users on third-party sites and apps. Facebook said the rule could harm its customers. 

Some mobile advertising analysts believe that less than a third of users will choose to join, which can reduce the effectiveness and profitability of targeted advertising.

Erik Neuenschwander, Apple’s head of user privacy, said in an interview that the acceptance rate is likely to depend on how developers make complaints to users before displaying messages, and how Apple is a developer. 

The language used in the space provided. He said that in recent years, when Apple introduced new permission pop-ups for items like microphone access, the rate differed depending on whether the user was worthy of the grant. manufacture. 

“Through all the other permissions that have come into iOS over the years, we found that (communication) is the main contribution developers can make to make sure users make the right decisions.” 

Applications sell data to a third party to target ads or buy data from third parties to mix it with their own data to target ads, the developer will take effect. Developers do not have to use pop-ups according to the first party Data shows ads, such as news articles that users read in the application. 

“We are in favor of advertising; we do some advertising ourselves,” Neuenschwander said. “Because we designed our application and our system, you will not see Apple tracking tips. This way they will not track users.” This is the method we are taking, but we have not yet disclosed the fact that other people can use other methods, “he added.”

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