Tesla CEO Elon Musk visits the Texas Giga Plant, which builds cybertruck

Tesla CEO Eles Musk makes a surprise visit to the Texas Giga plant under construction. Interestingly, he found a prototype cyber truck. Musk visited the facility below to speak with Tesla’s electric vehicle personnel. The Texas Gigafactory is still under development and will be operational later this year. Elon Musk’s appearance in the next episode also attracted a lot of attention, and Tesla fans immediately tweeted him.

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Just a reminder, the Cybertruck’s upper light bar are laser, not LED https://t.co/qGLs1szPxw pic.twitter.com/nd8PqT4Xw3

— Tesla Owners Online (@Model3Owners) April 17, 2021

A Tesla fan quickly posted on the Weibo platform, which read: “BREAKING: Tesla Cybertruck was found at Giga’s factory. This article also caught Musk’s attention, and he replied, “I was there at the time, driving a Cybertruck around the site to be built. 

The super factory to be established in Texas will primarily produce Model Y and Model 3 cars. of future Tesla production facilities for semi-trailers and cyber truck models.

Cybertruck at Giga Texas pic.twitter.com/c1RuektPnN

— Tesla (@Tesla) April 16, 2021

Compared to trucks produced by competitors such as General Motors and Ford, Tesla’s electric trucks are expected to be released to the public in 2019. In May of last year, Musk confirmed that Cybertruck will be built at a new plant in the United States. At that time, Tesla had not yet defined Texas as its new location for the Gigafactory.

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