Samsung galaxy M42 5G video teaser reveal in India

The Samsung Galaxy M42 5G trailer was leaked online, suggesting that a smartphone will be released soon. These trailers do not show the phone but claim that it will be the first 5G smartphone in the Galaxy M series. 

Samsung galaxy M42 5G

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The Samsung Galaxy M42 5G support page was also recently launched on the official website of India, and the phone has been found. on the NFC, Wi-Fi Alliance, and Bluetooth SIG certification websites. The phone is also known as the rebrand of the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G. They have both leaked two different trailers, indicating that the phone will launch soon. 

The Samsung Galaxy M42 5G trailer shows the Samsung Monster mascot, which is synonymous with the Galaxy M series. The trailer hints that the phone will support 5G, which is the first Galaxy M series smartphone to support this feature, and also use the #FastestMonster tag. Also, the filtered trailer does not show other content. 

Samsung has not released an official announcement regarding the Samsung Galaxy M42 5G and the company has not released any trailers. The Samsung Galaxy M42 5G support page is online on the Samsung India website with the SM-M426B / DS model, suggesting that the launch could come soon. 

This phone is expected to run on the Android 11 operating system and be equipped with a 64-megapixel rear camera, 128GB storage capacity, and 6000mAh battery capacity. Previous reports indicate that this phone may be a rebranded version of the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G launched in September last year. This phone has yet to be launched in the Indian market and may appear as Samsung Galaxy M42 5G.

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