Rolls-Royce Dawn Latest Kita Edition Unveiled

Rolls-Royce collaborated with architect Kengo Kuma and developed a custom version of Dawn. Rolls-Royce (Rolls-Royce) said that this is the first product of its kind, integrating the world of luxury cars and architecture. Its creation reflects the essence of a new luxury residence called “North” in the center of Tokyo. The new Rolls-Royce Dawn offers a selection of materials, color palettes, textures, and atmospheres for its interior and exterior design. In addition to the visual imitation of the building at sunrise, the car is also finished in Silver Haze, a custom paint job with multiple shades.

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The Rolls-Royce Dawn Kita Edition embodies the essence of Kita. Inside, Rolls-Royce has installed gradient colors on the dash, and the Dawn and Japanese houses at the rear are made from real walnut panels of natural perforated design.

When illuminated in the sun, the car takes on a subdued bronze hue, reflecting the Koshi bronze shutters on the exterior of The Kita. At the rear, both Dawn and the Japanese residence use natural open real walnut paneling, a form used in the lobby of The Kita. Inside, Rolls-Royce installed a gradient color transition on the dash, from the Selby Gray piano to the black piano, representing the materials used within the building.

There are no mechanical changes. The car is still powered by a 6.6-liter V12 bi-turbo petrol engine that can generate 563 hp and 820 Nm of maximum torque. The engine is used in conjunction with an eight-speed automatic transmission to complete a sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in just 5.0 seconds, and its top speed is electronically limited to 250 km / h. Rolls-Royce knows nothing about the Dawn Kita launch in India.

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