Is the Microsoft OneDrive version finally available 64-bit

Microsoft OneDrive is finally getting 64-bit, which allows you to transfer many large files at the same time. Microsoft OneDrive was released in 2007 and has just gone through 64-bit processing.

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Microsoft announced on its community page last week that Microsoft OneDrive has finally released a 64-bit version. Since its launch in 2007, OneDrive has been using a 32-bit version, even though Microsoft has been rolling out a 64-bit version of Windows.

Microsoft OneDrive

This new 64-bit version of OneDrive is great for large files because it can access more memory than the 32-bit version. So far, Microsoft hasn’t shared the general release date for the 64-bit version of OneDrive but said that supported devices will automatically update at startup. 

A Microsoft tech Community employee shared information about the 64-bit version of OneDrive through a post. It is now available for public preview on Windows. OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud-based file hosting and syncing service, launched in 2007. Since then, it has been a 32-bit application. 

Now, the new 64-bit version is available for early access and has some fundamental improvements over the 32-bit version. It should be noted that so far, the guidelines for many synced files are the same as for the 32-bit version because Microsoft is still “evaluating the performance impact and evaluating if there are any changes to the guidelines.” 

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Architecturally, OneDrive will be able to access more than its 32-bit version, more memory, and allows users to transfer large files or many files at the same time. The 64-bit version of OneDrive can be downloaded from the link provided in the article, and Microsoft stated that users who want to switch will need to make sure that the version they download is the same or newer than the version they already have. 

Of course, you will need to be running a 64-bit version of Windows to use the 64-bit version of OneDrive. Microsoft recommends that users running ARM64 devices continue to use the 32-bit version. 64-bit OneDrive is currently available for preview, and there is no official release date. Also, whenever this happens, your device will update automatically and you will not receive notifications about that device.

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