International Space Station Cruises Across the Moon suddenly, Caught in Sunlight: Watch the Video

Two photos and videos captured amazing details of the International Space Station’s journey across the moon.

Astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy (Andrew McCarthy) shared three slides showing that the International Space Station (ISS) crossed the moon and plunged into a virus-spread moon. This article will delight astronomy and space enthusiasts as it shows the dazzling, real scenes of the ISS crossing the moon, illuminated in astonishing detail. On the videotape, you can see the station quickly passing the moon.

 “This was a transit captured from my backyard this morning, and it was difficult to capture because the moon was barely visible in the glare of the sun. McCarthy wrote in a post published two weeks ago that the illuminated part of the moon only lasted for one fraction of a second, the speed shown in the video is reduced approximately 6 times.

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On April 10, McCarthy (McCarthy) also shared a topic on Twitter. The California photographer said this was the most difficult transit he had ever tried to capture. “Today @Space_Station briefly crossed the 5.6% crescent moon. Over 150 photos were taken per second to ensure I arranged them correctly,” he tweeted.

Today the @Space_Station briefly transited the 5.6% crescent moon. This was the most difficult transit I’ve ever attempted to capture- it required taking over 150 pictures per second to make sure I got it lined up properly. #astrophotography #space #opteam

— Andrew McCarthy (@AJamesMcCarthy) April 9, 2021

Here’s a video of the pass., this is slowed down about 6x. This passes are incredibly brief. I wrote up a little tutorial how you can capture one yourself, it is available to patrons here: (plus you can download the full size transit image and video there)

— Andrew McCarthy (@AJamesMcCarthy) April 9, 2021

This is more of a reaction to McCarthy’s outstanding performance. Please let us know in the comments.

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