Hyundai Alcazar | The First Meeting Design, Spec, Price

The Hyundai Alcazar is here. Well, almost, and so as has ended up accepted these days it appears we ought to start with a seem to be at the camouflaged auto earlier than we can see the uncovered one. While I will admit that we had been proven an uncovered one too, at the match in Bishangarh – shut to Jaipur, Rajasthan. And additionally, I drove it, thinking you. Very briefly. 

Hyundai Alcazar
Hyundai Alcazar 

Especially ridiculous due to the fact for a first seem to be you would have to honestly be capable to ‘look’ at the total car! Now, is this a first pressure impression? Yes okay, I drove the automobile a little bit – however no longer adequate to inform you the whole thing you would like to comprehend about it. So, what I am I doing right here today? Telling you the entirety we currently are aware of about the Alcazar that has been strategically published through Hyundai to commence encashing on its anticipation.

It all started with the imagery of castles and royalty when the Hyundai Alcazar teasers first hit a few weeks ago. And it’s what Hyundai desires you to assume when you suppose of the Alcazar – named for Portuguese or Spanish Moorish castles. So being at the astounding Bishangarh Fort motel used to be solely becoming I suppose. 


The face has a bolder and higher grille, and but the lights and face will remind of the Creta straight away. The steel sculpting is a tad special alongside the aspects – I have viewed the unwrapped vehicle too remember? You can nevertheless see the alloy wheel pattern, and the door deal with – it has a little metallic trim on it. Expect comparable hues as the Creta, however possibly a one-odd signature coloration too. At the return is the place the automobile appears absolutely different. And the large cause for that is the taillight; as additionally one-of-a-kind graph and trim on the tailgate. There is in all likelihood a lot of chrome and but the width implied by using it will assist the vehicle to seem to be bolder. I am relieved that it is awesome – especially in view that many of you recognize how you felt about the taillight on the Creta! This one appears better, however a little predictable and like something you experience you have viewed before.

Engine Specification:

The Alcazar shares a lot with the Creta and but is a distinctive animal-focused at an exceptional consumer says Hyundai. So without the apparent distinction – which is measurement – the Alcazar additionally receives its personal powertrain – have been additionally dimension matters. You have a manufacturer-new bigger, naturally aspirated 2-liter petrol that makes 157 bhp and 191 Nm of height torque. And it is the engine I received a hazard to power for around 10 minutes. Seems promising, however, I need extra time with it. The trace of physique roll used to be a problem for me, however now not overly. Ride excellent additionally looks promising, as did rear seat alleviation on the go. The variant I drove used to be a 6-seater with captain seats in row two.
There is simply a diesel Alcazar too – that makes use of the acquainted 1.5 liter U2 VGT motor we recognize from the Creta and many others. Same energy output and torque (113 bhp, 250 Nm) as on the Creta, however, Hyundai says it has shorter equipment ratios. I can verify that when I get to pressure one. Transmission selections consist of a 6-speed auto or manual on each gas type. And sure that ability no 7-Speed DCT or dual-clutch – and no rapid petrol engine either. But Hyundai is going for phase great mileage figures on each gas type. We do not have these numbers as yet, simply the promise.

 Expected price and launch time:

Hyundai Alcazar celebrates its world premiere at the end of April and has entered many other markets, but primarily targets India. Market launch and pricing will be announced in May 2021. Alcazar is primarily competing with the next-generation Tata Safari, MG Hector Plus, and the next-generation Mahindra XUV500 and expects prices to stabilize at least $15-20 or more. All three aspects, regardless of fuel type.

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