Google and Apple executives will testify at an antitrust hearing in the App Store on April 21

The head of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s antitrust panel said Monday that senior executives from Alphabet’s Google and Apple will testify on Wednesday to demonstrate antitrust concerns related to their app store and the three companies that depend on the two online stores.

The audience will include Google’s senior director of government affairs, Wilson White, and Apple’s chief compliance officer, Kyle Andeer, as well as Spotify’s chief legal officer, Horacio GutiĆ©rrez, Match’s chief legal officer, Jared Sine, and general counsel. from Tiles, Kirsten Daru. The list of witnesses was announced by Senator Amy Klobuchar, chair of the Antitrust Committee, and Mike Lee, its top Republican. 

Music streaming service Spotify and dating app Match are critical of the two tech giants’ app stores, and Tile’s app helps people find that app makers have long complained that the Apple App Store is configured for iPhone and iPs models. Mandatory revenue sharing Payments and strict inclusion rules for advertising devices, as well as Google’s Play Store for Android devices, constitute anti-competitive behavior. 

The four biggest tech giants – Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google – have undergone more than a year of rigorous scrutiny due to various concerns about privacy violations, hate speech allegations, stifling conservative voices and violations of antitrust laws.

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