Facebook receives abuse requests from over 500 million Irish Watchdog users

 A spokesman for the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) said on Wednesday that after the details of 533 million users on the hacker’s website were leaked, the Irish data watchdog has started a formal investigation. From Facebook. Facebook infringes or infringes the data rights charter and corresponding Irish law. 

The US tech giant said it was “fully cooperating” with the regulatory agency’s investigation, adding that “it involves simplifying procedures. For people to find and contact friends on our service.” A company spokesperson said: “These features are common to many applications, and we look forward to explaining them and the protection measures we use.” Earlier this month, a wealth of information about more than 530 million Facebook users was shared on Hacker. forums. 

Facebook has previously stated that this data was “tracked” from the site by hackers in 2019, using features designed to help users. People can easily find friends using the contact list. DPC said in a statement that it has been in contact with Facebook Ireland regarding this issue, and the company has sent “a lot of responses.” DPC believes that Facebook may have violated “one or more.” 

It supplements the provisions of the Irish Data Protection Act or the Charter of the European Union, or both. Facebook’s European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, and DPC are the company’s main regulatory agencies in the European Union. The historic General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in 2018, and social media users have broader rights related to their data. Regulators like DPC have new powers, including fines for the capacity of up to four companies. Your annuity is a percentage of global billing.

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