Delhi High Court on the WhatsApp privacy policy investigation on competition

Competition regulator CCI told the Delhi High Court on Tuesday that WhatsApp’s new privacy policy will lead to excessive data collection and “tracking” of consumers to attract more users with targeted advertising and thus, he was accused of abusing his dominant position in the market. 

The proposal was submitted by Lead Counsel Aman Lekhi on behalf of Judge Navin Chawla of the Competition Commission of India (CCI). The defense is an order to directly investigate the new privacy policy of the WhatsApp messaging platform. The CCI is investigating the jurisdiction and the Supreme Court is investigating alleged violations of Personal Privacy Acts, Lekki said. 

He said: “There is no doubt that the jurisdiction is wrong. WhatsApp and Facebook questioned the CCI’s request for a decision as” incompetence and misunderstanding. “The CCI issued an order on March 24 to investigate the new privacy policy. Lekhi reported reservations. 

The order court said whether WhatsApp’s data collection and sharing with Facebook constitute anti-competitive practices. He believes that the data collected (including the person’s location, the type of equipment used, their Internet service provider and the conversation with them) People) will lead to the determination of the investigation results. 

Establishing customer profiles and preferences, and then monetizing targeted advertising, is all “stalking.” He also said that the investigation ordered was only the administrator of the two social networks The platforms All argue that when the Supreme Court and the High Court of Delhi are studying the politics, the CCI should not “rush” and intervene. 

They argue that the CCI decision abuses the committee’s exclusive jurisdiction. They say the Supreme Court is considering The policy is unfair to consumers, so CCI should not deal with this issue. In January, CCI independently decided to study WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. The basis of the news reports is the same.

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