Cumulative sales of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y electric vehicles exceed one million

Electric car maker Tesla recently announced its production and sales figures for the first quarter, in which the company produced more than 180,000 Model 3 and Model Y. The California-based electric car maker delivered more than 1.85 million vehicles in the same period.

Tesla Model 3, Y, S, X

The company has seen strong demand for the Model Y in the Chinese market. In March 2021, Tesla sales data was announced and more than 1 million Model 3 and Model Y were sold. In March 2021, the total number of Model 3 / Model Y reached 10,74,046. , Cumulative sales of Model X and Model S exceeded 500,000. 

The Model 3 is one of the best-selling electric vehicles of the American electric vehicle manufacturers and will soon reach the sales milestone of 1 million units. The total number of Tesla electric vehicles on the road exceeds 1.5 million. At the current rate of hundreds of thousands a year, the electric car maker itself may hit the 2 million sales milestone this year. 

We already know that Tesla will officially enter the Indian market this year. The company is now seeking locations to open showrooms in three cities in India. Additionally, Tesla has hired an executive to run its business before entering India. 

The electric carmaker registered a local company in the country in January and is expected to import and sell Model 3 sedans in mid-2021 in an attempt to target wealthy customers in the niche market.

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