COVID-19 Relief: Amazon Delivers Oxygen Concentrators and BiPAP Machines from Singapore to Indian Hospitals

Amazon announced that it has partnered with ACT Grants, Temasek Foundation, Pune Platform for COVID-19 Response (PPCR), and other partners to provide more than 8,000 oxygen concentrators and 500 BiPAP machines to hospitals in India. 

Medical equipment shipped by air from Singapore will be donated to hospitals and public institutions to enhance their ability to help COVID-19 infected patients. In addition to transportation, Amazon India also stated that it will purchase more than 1,500 oxygen generators under its Vayu mission. India recorded more than 300,000 COVID-19 cases on the most recent day, the highest in the world. 

According to the Amazon blog post, India is collaborating with various non-profit organizations such as Swasth, Concern India, ACT Grants, and Sattva Consulting to urgently obtain the necessary medical equipment in India. The company said it will bear the cost of air transportation of oxygen concentrators and BiPAP machines from Singapore via Air India and other international airlines. 

After transporting them to India, these machines will be transported to certain hospitals and institutions. The company said that most of the transportation will be completed by April 30. “We strongly support the country and deploy our global logistics network to urgently air transport the oxygen concentrators needed to support the urgent needs of the country,” Amit said. Agarwal, Global Senior Vice President, and Country Director, Amazon India. Additionally, Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy said in a tweet that the Amazon team is using its global and Indian operational network to deliver medical supplies and is “seeking further assistance.”

The news comes a day after technology giants like Google and Microsoft announced that they will be helping with COVID-19 relief efforts in India. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadela said the company will use its resources and technology to aid relief efforts. 

Google CEO Sundar Pichai apprised about providing assistance of Rs. 135 crore to Give India and UNICEF for medical supplies, and other organizations supporting communities. Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin has also donated Rs. 4.5 crores for COVID-19 relief in India. While Xiaomi announced that it will donate Rs. 3 crore for oxygen cylinders, OnePlus said it will help amplify COVID-19 emergencies through its social media reach.

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