Apple will establish a campus in North Carolina that can house up to 3,000 employees and has raised its spending target in the United States

Apple said it plans to spend a billion dollars (approximately 7.473 Crore rupees) on building new campuses and engineering centers.

Apple said Monday it will build a new campus in North Carolina that can accommodate up to 3,000 employees, expand its business in several other US states and increase spending targets with US suppliers. 

Apple said it plans to spend a billion dollars. (Approximately 7.46 billion acres), because he has established a new campus and engineering center in the North Carolina Research Triangle, most of his work is expected to focus on machine learning, artificial intelligence, software engineering, and other technical fields. It joined the $ 1 billion (roughly Rs 746 crore) Austin campus in Texas announced in 2019. 

The North Carolina Economic Investment Commission approved a job development grant on Monday, which can provide Apple with up to $ 845, 8 million (approximately Rs 63.03 billion) in funds. If Apple achieves its work and growth goals, it can repay the tax within 39 years. State officials said that during the grant period, it is expected to provide 3,000 jobs and contribute the US $ 1.97 billion (about Rs 146.9 billion) in new state taxes.

The iPhone maker said it will also establish a $ 100 million fund (approximately Rs 7.45 billion) to support schools in the Raleigh-Durham area of ​​North Carolina and the entire state and will donate $ 110 million. to school (around Rs 8.2 billion). He helped build infrastructures like broadband internet, roads, bridges, and public schools in 80 North Carolina counties. 

Apple’s chief operating officer Jeff Williams (Jeff Williams) said in a statement. “We are proud that this new investment also provides support for important education and infrastructure projects across the state.” Apple also said it has expanded its hiring targets in other parts of the United States. Achieve the goal of 20,000 additional jobs by 2026, setting new targets for factories in Colorado, Massachusetts, and Washington. 

In California, where Apple is located, the company stated that its goal is to hire 5,000 people in San Diego and 3 regions, and 0 people in Culver City, Los Angeles. Apple also raised the US spending target to the US $ 430 billion (approximately Rs 750). Apple set a five-year goal of US $ 350 billion (approximately Rs 26,09,690 crore) in 2018, and it will reach Rs 320,619 crore by 2026, and said it could exceed this goal. 

This goal includes Apple’s data centers in the United States, capital expenditures, and expenditures to produce original television content in 20 states. This also includes spending with Apple suppliers at the US headquarters, although Apple did not disclose whether it only applies to goods produced by these suppliers in US factories.

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