New Honda CB500X Full Honorable Review

There aren’t many adventure engines out there. New ADV launches every few months in India! And now it is a very popular Honda model in the world market. First time in India! As I said before, I’ll say it again. Adventure bikes are like SUVs! The Indians were simply not enough. And now from 200cc to 1200cc, the ADV is for everyone! Honda owned an African sister car in India for many years, but no small ADV! Enter the Honda CB500X.

Honda CB500X


Motorcycle design is common in ADV design! Standard 19-inch front wheel with high stopper, wide steering wheel, high windshield, 17-inch rear wheel It was definitely built for purpose and is located on the road. The combination of red, black, and silver went well on my test bike. And the sculpted tank does not carry 17.7 liters of fuel, giving the bike a good mileage. The seat height of 830mm is compatible with CB500X. He can only run on a particularly tight technical track, controlling weight of 199 kg. However, according to Honda, the engine block is as centered as possible for better control while driving.

 Technology and Ergonomics: 

From a technical and ergonomic performance point of view, the CB500X features a fully digital instrument cluster with a passive LCD panel. Then there is an emergency stop sign and a two-channel ABS with a Honda combustion safety system. The CB500X also has full LED lighting. Finally, there is a sliding auxiliary clutch with a six-speed gearbox that facilitates gear changes. The motorcycle seat is ergonomically very comfortable. So this kind of movement is chewed. The chair is very comfortable and practical. The steering wheel is huge and comfortable to get up and drive. 

Performance and Mobility:

The CB500X’s performance and mechanics perform better than expected. Optimizing the rear suspension increases the steering response. Especially the flexible adjustment of the rear is very smooth in the factory setting. I liked the strict attitude. But this is just the order of the suspension system depending on your weight and desires. But overall, a luxury bike doesn’t matter whether it’s a bumpy road or a hiking trail like us.

What we liked was direct power distribution from the start. The bike cleans from below, picks up beans, and quickly moves to the other side without pretending. When you want to trade quickly, the center edge is stuffed with meat, which is very convenient. Like most parallel dual engines, this engine is very smooth. There are also some signs of vibration, but only when the bike exceeds 6,500 rpm. However, the braking was a bit sponge and probably more severe.

Off-Road Documentation: 

The Honda CB500X is incredibly ready to drive. Finally, there are enough grooves to cut the restrainable area, like fine sand. The flexible suspension is advantageous when traversing rocky roads, and best of all, you get versatile Dunlop tires that work well on runways and off-roads. Honda can at least install an ABS convertible on the rear wheel. This makes a big difference in CB500X off-road games. Now Honda says that the motorcycle’s engine is close to the axis of rotation, so it is the center of gravity. This means the bike is well balanced, especially on slow, low traction roads. A sense of control and stability are important in off-road driving.


The Honda cb500x is a good cruise machine and very easy to use. You can choose from two colors: metallic black, metallic gunpowder, and big bonus red. The only problem we face is soaring prices. The 6/687 CB500X, such as the Kawasaki Versus 650 and Suzuki V-Strom 650, are closer to the 650cc ADV than their true rivals, the Benelli TRK 502, and cost between $4.60 and $5. $29.

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