EV Should Be Mandatory For All Government Officials

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has taken several significant steps to encourage electric mobility in India. Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has advised people to use electric vehicles rather than petrol or diesel vehicles. According to a report from ANI, the Union Minister suggested that electric vehicles (EVs) should be mandatory for all government officials. To initiate the same, the minister said that he will make e-vehicles mandatory for officials of his department.

The minister gave his remarks during the launch of the ‘Go Electric’ campaign to create awareness of the benefits of electric mobility and EV charging infrastructure in India. Moreover, this campaign also focuses to make people aware of the advantages of electric cooking in the country.

Gadkari told ANI, “If 10,000 electric vehicles are brought into use in Delhi, then about Rs 30 crores per month spent on fuel can be saved, and it will reduce pollution. I will make electric vehicles mandatory for officials of my department.”

During the launch event, Gadkari also mentioned that electric fuel is a major alternative for fossil fuels which have an import bill of Rs 8 lakh crores. He further added by saying, “When compared to conventional fuels, the electric fuel has low cost, reduced emissions and it is also indigenous.”

He also urged Power Minister R K Singh to make usage of electric vehicles mandatory for his department, as he will do so for his departments. During the event, he also stated the potential of electric cooking in the country, which will help in reducing import dependence on gas. He said, “Why don’t we provide subsidy on electric cooking appliances. We already provide subsidy on cooking gas.”

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