Hyperloop test the first human passengers travelling

World-first time travel in 1,080 km/h speed | Two human passengers in hyperloop capsule

Virgin Hyperloop tested human travel in a hyperloop pod for the first time in a Nevada desert test a hyperloop. Hyperloop systems are intended to move passengers and/or cargo at airline speeds but at a very low cost. The next generation human transportation method in the world. Humans or create new innovation for the hyperloop technology they travel speed is 1000 km/h on landHyperloop used an electromagnetic field that can be attached to a capsule. 


Virgin Hyperloop company was originally founded as Hyperloop Technologies before changing the name to Hyperloop One in 2016 and again to change the Virgin Hyperloop. After being required by Richard Branson’s company. The company came to at gate strong with tens of millions of dollars of funding and a bold vision of hyperloop systems.

The hyperloop is tested by a Virgin Hyperloop company founder of the Josh Giegel Virgin Hyperloop, and Sara Luchian is the Virgin Hyperloop director of passenger experience. Where the two human passengers to ride in the new technology of transportation. The new mode of passenger and goods transport that involves propelling small pods in sealed, low-pressure tubes to speeds upwards of 1,000 kilometers an hour. 

The 15-second-long testing trip was carried out by the company at a place to test 35 miles north of Las Vegas in Nevada desert, comprised of a 500-meter concrete tube located in a barren stretch of desert.

We’re built for fast, effortless journeys that expand possibilities. Our system can passenger or cargo pods at speeds of over 1000 km/h. 3x faster than high-speed rails and, more than 10x faster than traditional rails.

The maiden voyage is of a ship, aircraft or another craft is the first journey made by the craft in its intended duty. They took place in the newly released two-seater XP-2 vehicle, Hyperloop is designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and Danish studio Kilo Design, They were built to dominate that passengers are travel safely to inside a hyperloop pod.

In 2012, Elan Musk saw the aerodynamic aluminum capsules filled with passengers and cargo that could be propelled through nearly the airless tube at airliner-speed up to 760 mph. These tubes made and raised on pylons or sunk beneath on the earth could be built either within or between cities. He called it the fifth mode of transportation and argued it could help change the way we live, work, trade, and travel.

Then after the passengers were strapped into the capsule’s white seats, an air-lock system was used to bring the pod and out of the semi-vacuum environment is used.

The XP-2 vehicle was the power to use an electromagnetically propelled in the tunnel at a speed just over 100 miles per hour (mph) before they come to a stop the journey lasting around 15-seconds only.

The system was fully realized, the single capsule that Josh Giegel and Sara Luchian traveled will be larger, able to seat set up to 28 passengers, they will aim to reach at 670 mph speed with a longer track. The same technology is used by Japanese trains. The electromagnetic levitation of the train means there is no friction they speed can be increased, unlike the traditional trains that run on the tracks.

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