Diamond Self-Charging battery in nuclear life long fully

Diamond self-charging green battery in life long 

The company creates self-charging Nano-diamond batteries nuclear waste material to save the wastage on earth, recycle the radiation waste to change a long-life battery. This battery is made up of radioactive graphite nuclear waste. which is converted by the NDB company into small batteries. Nano-diamond self-charging battery is a nuclear waste battery that will revolutionize the energy industry and power electric vehicle and mobile phones etc. It has a life span of 28000 years and a higher power density than lithium-ion batteries.

The NDB company testing a self-charging battery in a nuclear generator. The energy is high they decide 28000 years without need a charge. Compare to high power density in lithium-ion battery totally self-charging battery. This battery is cheaper than lithium-ion batteries. 

self-charging battery
self-charging battery

The small piece of nuclear waste is recycled and graphite nuclear reactor parts that have absorbed radiation from nuclear fuel rods become radioactive. The high nuclear waste is dangerous, difficult, and expensive to store, with a very long half-life. It is also said to be extremely safe and tamper-proof as it is coating with a non-radioactive diamond which prevents radiation leakages.

The battery should work by generating electricity on its own from a shower of electrons as a result of radioactive decay scattered and deposited in the artificial diamond-case. The company can purify nuclear waste and to make a battery.  With the trapping Carbon-14 nuclear waste, NDB plans to make Nano Diamond Battery. 

Global nuclear waste estimated at 34 million cubic meters globally. A lot of the waste graphite there is one the risky radioactive waste and expensive to store the radiation. The company says this battery can be used to power the house for long life.

The new self-charging battery replaces the old lithium-ion battery, regular change of battery is not possible. They used space electronics and this battery is used to equipment for a space rocket. Once it’s longer needed by the rocket, it can be used to power the satellites and space stations and etc.

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