Best free android apps

The most unique apps for an android segment is the best and useful application, If you used this application your creativity is an increasingly useful is this app. The people are downloaded a million times, this surely excellent apps you can use for free without paying, these android apps for the android smartphone. The contents of this list won’t change very often until something truly great comes along.

4 Best free android apps list

1.   Cursa
2.  Beaker
3.  Plantix
4.  Perfect Ear


Cursa is about the completion of an education app, this app is used many free courses and a free certificate can be provided for this application. Many categories of course options in this application, they are provided free. If you want a certificate for a course, the account can be open to using this application. This application provided 4 language options and inbuild dark mod also provides. Study reminder options also use to read the course. This course fully Video-based functions are provided. 

Mentions of the course categories:
  • Basic studies    
  • Information Technology 
  • Career Opportunities
  • Management and business
  • Health
  • Language
  • Others
                     SubCategories of Others

                                                                        Download Link


Beaker is complete for chemical experiment application, this application can be an open clean interface that means your smartphone is changing a Beaker. Click a circle icon many solid chemical and liquid chemicals or provides. Real-time experience or provide into the application. If you shake a smartphone chemical are mixed-used in the sensor. Many options are provided, the free version provides a small feature but if you buy a full version can provide many features.
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Plantix is completely useful for the agriculture cultivation persons useful in this application. The application will be open interface is clean and clear easy to understand is application. If you select plants, options are given in which fertilizer is used and cultivation tips are proved. And another option is best, heal your crop options is take a picture into your plant analysis the plant and see a diagnosis an get a useful medicine gives. This application is provided a community option, any doubt ask the community and share WhatsApp into your friends. 18 language options are available. And this application is fully free and userfriendly.
                                                                          Download link

Perfect Ear

Perfect Ear is completely useful in your ear to enjoy a large variety of fun and challenging exercises. Learning has never been so engaging. Clear and easy to use this application. The features of the application are a wide variety of exercises suitable for musicians of all levels and backgrounds. Amateurs and professionals or both will discover something to challenges. This application is fully free in the Playstore and App store.

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