Technology Awareness series part 3

It was officially renamed iOS on June 7, 2010, with the introduction of the first-generation iPad. The introduction of what would be become the iPad line, and the existence of iPod Touch, and meant the iPhone was no longer the only device to run the mobile operating system.
Why IOS is the best for the smartphone segment, last see why best IOS.
Many yours like an IOS system they smooth and clean interface, but not an open-source.
And another one is IOS is hardware and software is control an apple that only hardware support software will produce in apple brand, that only for a world best fast and smooth hardware and software to be produced.

First Security:

Apple company says IOS is the most security to compare an android, they are Consumer privacy is safe and secure then another thing is apps permissions is not axis fully to compare an android.
Then another thing is IOS is not hacked easily to compare an Android OS, and an Android is open-source, but IOS is not an open-source to built an own software and hardware that Apple products are run a long time.
If you experts for Android apps development to build an app for your business but what is the benefit if it will lag in speed and performance in comparison with iPhone apps.

Second Software & Hardware:

The software and hardware are built its own, that the only apple creates hardware equal a software should be produced.

Better Integrated of a Hardware and Software in iPhone.
iPhone is leading because of better hardware and software integrated and controlling both sides of the equation.

Third Bloatware:

Many smartphone phone brands which used Android provides so many bloatware in a device which takes so much of space on your smartphone phone.
Many brands are used to bloatware to install an Android smartphone, but a You won’t find a single piece of carrier software preloaded apps on an iPhone, making a clean out-of-box experience.

Fourth ECO-System:

The ecosystem is Apple’s culture of innovation that create hardware and software services to getting them all to work together.

This ecosystem is the strength of Apple, but also the company’s weakness. User should consider a who owns a Mac, an iPhone, an iPad, and an Apple Watch.

Fifth iCloud:

iCloud is built an every Apple device. That means all your stuff photos, files, notes and more than is safe, up to date & available wherever you are. Its works automatically, you have to do is keep doing to what you love.

Everyone gets 5GB for a free iCloud storage options to start and it’s easy to add more at any time.

Sixth Update:

IOS device update can be except a 4 – 5 years. To compare other smartphones can’t be except this, but the apple gives 4 – 5 years update for security, new features also include in this update features. 3 or 4 years old iPhone also update. Long-life update system can be provided.


Many benefits of iPhones over Android, it can be easy to understand. why iPhones was preferred more over the Android device, iPhone provides better technical support and also can update the latest iOS much more easily than in Android phones.

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