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Ghost Wallpaper:

  • That ghost wallpaper is crash your mobile they are a smartphone android SRGP light setting a not balance on android 10 lower version smartphone. But android 11 is SRGP fixed color to produce and show a wallpaper is standard to fix. 
  • The issue is mainly cropping up for people or using Google and Samsung devices running Android 10.
  • The affected user device is not able to solve a problem, then only fix is a factory reset a smartphone.
  • You try this wallpaper to face the problem, you lass personal data to your smartphone.
  • You want the ghost wallpaper for the original picture to cropping and color creation to use wallpaper.
  • I don’t know the color creation means to use a screenshot and social media line to download the wallpaper.


UNinstaller Apps List:

  • You have this app on a smartphone to go uninstall these apps.
  •  To go a Setting–App manager(or)Installer–select an app to open–uninstall.
  • These apps asked for dangerous permissions and some were even containing malware and Rogueware.
  • The apps are said to belong to a single Chinese parent company that was using multiple developer accounts to distribute them in Google’s app market.
  • Experts from VPNPro have warned users about a popular video editing app that contains dangerous spyware
  • This video editing app asks for a wide host of dangerous permissions, including the ability to read and write files to external drives, plus the user’s specific GPS location
  • VivaVideo requests six dangerous permissions, including reading phone state, GPS, video, and audio.
  • QuVideo also owns the popular Indian app VidStatus, which has more than 50 million installs
  • VidStatus, which is a ‘video status’ tool for WhatsApp, asks for a whopping 9 dangerous permissions, including GPS, the ability to read phone state, read contacts
  • Search the app and Delete soon in your smartphone

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