Best browser for fast, privacy and security?

Depending upon the privacy and security needs, you can be used many browsers, But the best preference is inbuild Adblock, Unlimited proxy/VPN, tracker block, and simple interface. 

List of Browsers:

  1. Tor Browser
  2. Epic Browser
  3. Firefox Browser
  4. Brave Browser
  5. Microsoft Edge Browser

Tor Browser:

     Tor Browser logo is onion shape if you get connected if you are country is blocked a Tor browser, They connect a bridge during the setup process. If Tor is not censored one of the most common reasons. Tor Browser will block browser plugins and others. They can be manipulated into revealing your IP address.  Tor already comes with HTTPS Everywhere, NoScript, and other patches to protect your privacy and security. Tor Browser is User–Encrypted–Entry Node–Relay Node–Exit Node–Resource that only your IP address is encrypted.
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Epic Browser:

     Epic browser logo is a chrome logo model, an epic browser for desktop is included an easily enabled, free, unlimited VPN/proxy for the browser and AdBlock. Epic functionality such as our Encrypted Proxy/VPN is now user-controlled. A simple & clean interface and same model for chrome browser. But inbuild trackers blocked and Canvas Fingerprint Defender, Dashlane – Password Manager, IE Tab, LastPass: Free Password Manager, Save to Pocket many secure extensions in an epic browser install to you android, pc, laptop, and ios.
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Firefox Browser:

     Firefox Browser is fundamental privacy and Adblock to overall data-collection trackers blocked with enhanced tracking protection. The passwords you save & secure and available on all your devices. Monitor alerts you if we know your information is a part of another company‚Äôs data breach. Firefox is a clean interface and shortcuts can be placed in the browser. And Firefox is the fastest browsers. 
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Brave Browser:

     Brave browser is the fastest and secure browser and fastest download in the browser, you browse by making you harder to track from site to site. Many sites include all kinds of trackers you across the Web. Shields block safe and even increasing your browsing speed. You search a site to site up to faster than chrome, Firefox eta., on mobile and desktop.
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Microsoft Edge Browser:

     Microsoft Edge is based on chromium, your browser privacy keeps you safe on the web and prevents unauthorized access to your browsing data. Control your browsing data choose it can improve your experience. You needed to make your better experience. Microsoft Edge is designed to detect and block trackers. Put your control to decide what trackers to block. Microsoft defender is the SmartScreen and better safe to search the site in a browser.
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