Surface Modeling

 The surface model of an object is a more complete and less confusing representation than its wireframe model. A surface model can be built by defining the surface on the wireframe model.

The procedure for constructing a surface model is stretching a thin piece of material over a framework.

 Surface Modeling
Modeling of curves and surfaces is essential to describe objects in several areas of mechanical design such as.
  • Body panel of Automobiles
  • Aircraft structural members
  • Marine vehicles
  • Consumer product etc.

Types of surface

         1. Analytic Surface          2. Synthetic Surface

       1. Analytic Surfaces

Surface entities which are defined by the analytic equation are known as Analytic Surface.
 Types of Analytic Surface
1. Plane Surface          2. Ruled Surface
3.Tabulated Surface    4.Surface of revolution

2. Synthetic Surfaces

  •   The surface entities are defined by the set of a data point are known as synthetic surfaces.
  •    The synthetic surfaces are needed when a surface is represented by a collection of data points. The synthetic surface is represented by the polynomial.
       Types of Synthetic Surfaces
  1.  Hermite bi-cubic surfaces 
  2.  Brazier Surface
  3. B-spline Surface
  4. Fillet Surface
  5. Offset Surface   

Application of Surface Modeling

  1. Calculating mass properties
  2. Checking for interference between mating parts.
  3. Generating cross-section views.
  4. Generating finite element meshes.
  5. Generating Nc Tool paths for a continuous path machining

Advantages of Surface Modeling

  1. The surface model can be easily understood by an average man.
  2. Volume and mass properties can be calculated.
  3. Numerical control (NC) cutting path can be easily generated
  4. Suitable for finite element analysis.

Disadvantages of Surface Modeling

  1. The interior details of the model cannot be represented.
  2. The designer requires more training.
  3. It takes more time to create.
  4. The construction is not as simple as the wireframe model.


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